Will this graphics card work with my motherboard?

I am planning to get a MSI GeForce GT 730 2gb GDDR5 and it supports pcie 2.0 but I checked my motherboard and I saw the pcie slot wasn't the same as a PCIE 2.0 I think it's PCIE 1.0 will this GPU fit my motherboard? My motherboard model number is DG33M06 please I need an answer quick. I heard the Pcie slots are backwards compatible but I've heard reports of PCIE 2.0 cards not working on PCIE 1.0 slots I just need to make sure. My PSU meets the minimum requirements of 300W
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    The card should work, check for a BIOS update for the motherboard first. You can also check with the card maker support to see if that card has any known issues.
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