Cannot boot windows 10 from old hdd after installing ssd, booting from ssd works

Hello guys!
I am facing a problem which isn't really a big one, but it is tearing my nerves. I installed Samsung SSD 850 evo (250 gb) on my computer. It is working fine, I cloned windows from old HDD using Macrium Reflect, following instructions and fixing boot problems. Then I had two boot options (old HDD and new SSD), but I never really tried if booting from old HDD really worked. Then I erased old HDD from booting options in msconfig/boot and booted only from SSD. As I said, it all works really nice, but now I would like to have dual boot again as I kept my old windows on HDD. Using Macrium Reflect again to do what I want, I ran into problems. When I boot usb with bootable rescue media it recognizes two copies of windows (one on HDD and one on SSD). I followed the steps and then got two boot options when computer restarted. However, booting windows from HDD doesn't work. It keeps giving me blue screen and telling pc ran into problems (boot drive not recognizable), choosing SSD works fine. I even tried setting windows on HDD as default OS, but then I couldn't even boot from SSD. Luckily I solved that problem, but know I still don't know how to get windows running from HDD. Any help, please? Thank you in advance.

NOTE: I put my controller into AHCI mode. Windows 10 Professional copies are both legal. I tried setting up boot priorities but it didn't helped, it only made some more problems (described above).

UPDATE: I managed booting windows from HDD, but only in safe mode. To do that i changed from AHCI to RAID mode.
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    Why do you want win 10 on both drives?

    I could guess doing this with hdd only in PC would fix it and let it boot but I don't know how win 10 copes with 2 win 10 installs on same PC

    the way win 10 boots is the Windows Boot Manager in the UEFI looks for the efi partition on a drive and uses the EFI.sys file to boot off. Both your hdd would have one of those, how PC know how to bootr the right one is anyones guess.
  2. Quote:
    but now I would like to have dual boot again as I kept my old windows on HDD.

    Why dualboot of the same OS in the same system?
  3. You are asking the computer to do something it cannot do. It will not run both hard drives with os on them at same time.
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