What motherboard should I choose?

Hi Guys!

I'm building my next pc beast, at least for me, and I was thinking on this two motherboards, the MSI Z270 KRAIT GAMING or the Asus MAXIMUS IX HERO. Which one do u think its better and what should I choose?

If u have other alternatives tell me.
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  1. My vote's for Asus, They build reliable products and over the years it'll serve you well :)
  2. Go for Asus. At the moment I'm still using a rock solid Asus Rampage iii Extreme Board with an Extreme i7 processor and it has been rock solid for many years.
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    I'm an MSI fan but I'll agree with Asus on this one. My KRAIT Z170A is having USB troubles. Devices, mainly my wireless headset, disconnect at random times. Can't replicate this problem on any other PC in my house. Also when I unplug a USB device like keyboard or mouse on the Windows log in screen, after plugging the keyboard or mouse back it they won't power on be recognized by Windows.
  4. Thx for all that helped me!
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