Possible dead MoBo?

So in my previous post I had a CPU issue. I replaced that today with a new issue to spawn. Now when I booted up my PC, I got a Boot LED solid light. My CPU LED light issue went away. So I removed the motherboard battery, let it set out, then put it back in. I got further progress until the CPU LED started blinking twice like 1.2, then stop for 3-4 seconds, then do it again for about 4 runs. At the same time the CPU LED light was doing its blinking, the DRAM LED light was flashing the entire time. When CPU LED light stops blinking, the DRAM LED stays lit solid. I have tried everything from unplugging and holding down power button, battery and jumper work, testing ram sticks and even tried my old ones. At this point I seriously think my MoBo is dead. I have started work on a RMA and sending it out Monday, just wanted to ask if anyone else may know anything about this.

I am using a Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 mobo
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    Here is a solution for You. There are many similar threads on toms hardware related to mobo dead issue. Check and get the solution.
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