FX9370 with asus 970 pro gaming/aura

Will the amd fx 9370 work with my asus 970 pro gaming/aura. I bought an fx 9370 and installed it and my pc wouldnt boot, everything would turn on just no boot menu and would stay like that. I want to be sure if it works for my mobo before I get a new mobo. And if it is compatable then what is not making it boot? (I uninstalled it and put my old cpu, the fx 6300, back in) I also cleared the cmos by taking the battery out when I installed the 9370
My specs:
AMD fx 6300
Gtx 970
Asus 970 Pro gaming/aura
650 watt psu
16gb ram
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    It is not. You cannot run a 220W TDP CPU on that motherboard. You need a high-end motherboard, power supply, and cooling solution to even think about running a 9370 or a 9590. Though it's still not recommended as a far better solution is an 8350 if you're not ready to upgrade to a modern platform or Intel/waiting for Ryzen if you are. Those CPUs are nightmares.
  2. Would the ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX work with the 9370? Also I bought a corsair h100i v2 liquid cooler for the cpu would that work for the 9370? And what PSU would I need for the 9370.
  3. That motherboard doesn't work either, it only supports up to 140W. You need to make sure and get the R2.0 version of that, not the original one.

    As for the PSU, it depends what you have now. You say 650W, but there are both excellent and terrible 650W PSUs.

    But as I said, this is an awful lot of trouble and expense for a binned 8350 - it's tough for me to recommend you paying $200 (if you get a motherboard) to $300 (if you need a PSU) for a slight upgrade over a normal, overclocked 8350. The performance boost just isn't that impressive and this is a 2012 platform.
  4. 100% in agreement with DSzymborski .
    Although that chip isn't compatible , it should have booted in that board though but at a throttled speed.
    I'm not saying put it back in because you shouldn't but you want to check it for bent pins.

    & in all honesty I see no sense at all even going from a 6300 to any 8 core really, you wont get your moneys worth of performance boost.
    you can overclock the ass off a 6 core on that board & it'll match most stock 8 core chips for gaming at 4.3ghz+
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