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hi i'm looking at two laptops, one has a superior CPU, the other a superior GPU - which would you prefer? both are manufacturer refurbished and both come with 6 month manufacturer warranties.

1) £570 Asus N550JK-CM604H : i7-4720HQ, GTX 850 (2gb), 8gb ddr3, 1 tb Hdd, 1920/1080 FHD IPS Touchscreen (gloss)

2) £600 Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-592G: i5-6300HQ, GTX 960M (2gb), 8gb ddr3, 1tb Hdd, 1920/1080 FHD IPS (matte)

i've never had a gloss laptop screen before - in practice how big an issue will glare be?
i doubt i'll ever use the touch screen, what actual purpose does it have?! (other than show, obviously)

lesser points -

asus has an aliminium upper and nicer styling,
acer has backlit keyboard (i work in the dim/dark a lot so fairly big deal for me - is retrofitting one to the asus at a later date viable)
asus is reported to have an issue with screen - mobo cable, although this can be fixed
neither mentions m.2 ports or esata so i assume they don't have them

i'll play fallout 4, and do some video editing on premiere pro if these applications make a difference to cpu vs gpu decision?

thanks for the input!
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    When I bought my laptop in November, I opted for the stronger GPU. With my old laptop the GPU was a bigger issue than the CPU and most games run 4 cores or less right now. I got the ASUS FX502VM (i5-6300HQ+1060 3gb) when it was on sale for Black Friday here in the States. Still, I'd recommend the stronger GPU and if in the budget, try to find a 965 or 960 4gb.

    Plus, Premier Pro seems to like nVidia Cuda:
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