BIOS sees 2nd hard drive but windows 10 ("This PC") does not

Hey guys, I have my OS (Windows 10) installed on my 120GB SSD but I'd like to store most everything else on my TB hard drive. Issue is, windows isn't recognizing a hard drive. I've double checked my SATA plugs and it is getting power. Again, BIOS is recognizing that it's there... but not windows...
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  1. If its new you have to format it in disk management
  2. Does it show up in disk management? Is it on a different SATA controller than what your SSD is on? If so, do you have the driver for that controller installed?
  3. Do I then convert it to a dynamic disk?
  4. Yeah, I found it in disk management and formatted it and it is now all unallocated space
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    You do NOT want to convert to Dynamic disk. Right click on the unallocated space, and select format. Select NTFS, and give it a drive letter. You will then be able to use that drive in windows.
  6. When I right click the only options are:
    >New simple volume
  7. Ok got it. I had to click on new simple volume to be able to make it NTFS. Thank you for your help!!!
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