Pc starting no display no boot no beep

I ve got an amd athlon x2 5000+ asrock n68s Am3 with 4gb ddr3 1600mhz corsair.When i start my pc with rams in the gpu fans not starting ,but without rams are starting
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  1. Sounds like a RAM problem then. How is it set up? Is it set up with one 4GB stick or is it two 2GB sticks?

    Check that question, and answer a more important one:

    HOW IN THE WORLD did you manage to fit 4GB of DDR3 into a motherboard which only supports DDR2 as per their page?
  2. 4gb stick but last time worked with phenom II b59
  3. It supports ddr3 and ddr2 also it s this sorry for wrong name N68C-S ucc
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    Ah - there are several versions. EXACTLY which version do you have? They have one which supports only DDR2, one which supports only DDR3 and another version (the N68C-S UCC) which has slots for BOTH DDR2 and DDR3... BUT here is your problem:

    The Athlon X2 5000+ has an integrated memory controller which ONLY supports DDR2. NOT DDR3. It doesn't matter if the motherboard supports DDR3, the CPU cannot 'talk' to the memory. Later AM2+ and AM3 CPUs had a memory controller which supported both DDR2 and DDR3, your CPU is an AM2 (no plus) which means it doesn't have DDR3 support.

    Your choices are either - fit it with DDR2 RAM, or change to an AM2+/AM3 CPU. My suggestion is the new CPU, you can pick them up cheap as beer.
  5. I have new cpu but i wanted to give the mobo and cpu to a kid soo i tried to put my rams on this old config to test them.Now i know why it worked with phenom am3 Thanks
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