Upgrade my Dell inspiron 530(Different model)

Hey guys i have a dell inspiron 530 and im trying to get a gaming pc,

my dell inspiron 530 is different from others 530 model,

my specs
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40Ghz

Memory RAM 6144MB

My question
will the new Intel Pentium G3258 will work my pc.
Will NVIDIA GeForce GTX750TI 1GB DDR5 will work my my pc..

and i think i have to upgrade my power supply,

or let me know which one will work great with my 530,

Thanks You!!!
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    You cannot install the Pentium it is an LGA1150 processor while your motherboard must have an LGA775 socket if you have a Q6600. Quite frankly there is no upgrade path for this motherboard.

    Better off to save up and buy a whole new computer. If you want to give a budget I can propose a build. I will need country you live in (makes a difference to price and availability), your budget and what tower size you want (Full tower, Mid Tower, Micro Tower). And if you have a preferred online vendor, state that as well.
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