GTX 980 v. 1060 3GB

I'm deciding between a GIGABYTE GTX 980 (4GB) and an MSI Gaming X GTX 1060 (3 GB).

I've seen that the 980 performs better by a small amount (whether or not it is significant is the question), but is it worth having the newer pascal architecture with the 1060?

*Also assume price does not matter at all, I do not wish for a value judgment between the two.

Thank you and have a nice day!
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  1. the 6 gb 1060 is almost as good as the 980 but a 3 gb one is less so. you'll get more out of the 4 gb 980 for sure. from a purely performance standpoint, there is nothing in the newer pascal cards that makes them a must buy over maxwell. i tend to favor the newer architecture most of the time but if the older one is still relevant, like the 980 is, then i will keep it in mind. overall, price is what would be the difference maker to me. is the performance lost with the newer 1060 similar to the price drop? bang for the buck is top of the list for me almost every time.
  2. My personal view is 3gb is a bit low. Some games already can use over 3gb VRAM at very high settings when running 1080p. Even as someone who generally prefers NVidia I would pick a 480 4Gb, should be same price.

    The old (980) doesn't do so well with DX12 and that is likely to become a drawback in the future.
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    I'd get the 980 as it outperforms the 1060 and has more VRAM. DX12 is unimpressive and will take a long time to seem relevant.

    Pick a game and compare the 980 4gb vs 1060 3gb:,1.html
  4. Alright thanks for all your answers. I'll drop my friend the 1060 and give myself the 980 :)
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