i7 6700k cpu temp question

is it normal for the temps to fluctuate? I'm cooling the cpu with a arctic water cooler, with a 4 fan configuration. and the temps I'm usually getting are around 25-28 at idle, and around 65 high under a load.
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    Perfectly normal. The temperature sensor is very close to heat-producing parts of the chip and even with the best cooling it will fluctuate a lot.Your CPU won't throttle or complain until 100c though, so 65 is great.
  2. ok cool thanks, one more question my water cooler is set up to where the radiator and fans are on the top of the case, and the fans are pulling air into the case, is that ok?
  3. Personal preference. Fans blowing in means you're dumping your CPUs heat into the case. Fans blowing out mean you're pushing warmer air through your radiator. Pick your poison.
  4. ok ill just leave it as is, doesn't seem to be hurting anything. but hey thanks ecky for your input.
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