New graphic card acting weird... Not working... At all.

Hi, I have made a few desktops so I'm not entirely new to this but I really need some help. In my most recent build in a red xpedator full tower (yes the one that looks like iron-man). I had moved everything from an older NZXT case to a newer xpedator, then a week later my new graphic card arrived (390x tri-x) and I installed it after installing drivers, I plugged the two 8 pin connectors into an 850watt cooler Master psu and every led flashed for a hundreth of a second, no beeps but a yellow (amber) light on my motherboard has turned on. Then I try with the old pair of 6pin cables and everything turns on but there's no output, fans spin and there's one beep (3 long seconds). The old graphic card still works but doesn't compare to the 8gb 390x tri-x, I have read up on about 10 different forums and there are similar problems which have either a different issue or havnt been solved...

I have an 850 watt cooler Master psu
a nvidea 790 ultra slim motherboard
Intel Quad core, lga 775 clocked at 2.83ghz
128gb ssd
2x320gb matrix hdds
Sound card (sound blaster?)
4 2gb corsair ram 1600mhz
390x tri-x 8gb

Hope what I've told you can be useful - I think it may be that the case is preventing the graphics card from fully going down or the bios setting are weird...
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  1. Stupid question but have you pulled the CMOS battery for a minute and put it back in?
  2. Yeah... Although I might try replacing it, I know the motherboard is from 2009 or something, so bios changes I've done might not have effected it. Thanks
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