Swapping laptop hard drives / is my hard drive broke

Hi all,

I have a newish hp laptop running windows 8 the machine powers up with lights but presented with black screen, tested various things like back light light lid sensor ect no joy. Only interested in contents of hardrive.

So i took it out and put it in an old dell pc and get an alert low voltage, and tried it in an old acer laptop and after acer logo get a blank screen with cursor flashing. Tried old acer hardrive in pc and worked.

Is the hard drive done for and lost?

or is there a way i can transfer all contents of hdd ?

Thanks in advance
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    it sounds more like the UEFi bios is detecting the foreign OS and refusing to post.
    Get your data odd the old drive, format it as a non-bootable drive and then you should be able to use it fine in the other machines. You can even put your data right back on it.

    And just remember that important data should never be stored on just one device because if that device fails all your data dies with it.
  2. Thanks for your reply Popatim, I purchased a cable from ebay that connects the hdd to usb making it more like an external hdd and it worked. So have got access to the hard drive which has got me out of a muddle so will defo start backing up data more
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