No display on PC solid red boot device LED

I recently built my new pc and had trouble in the beginning getting it to display. It turned out to be the motherboard and I got it replaced. Since then it has been working great except for when I would leave for a while and let it go to sleep I would have to reboot and it would turn on eventually. I believe I fixed that by resetting the overclocked cpu back to default settings. Now when I try to turn on my pc all the case fans and lights turn on, but the red boot device LED stays on. Nothing displays and no matter how many times I try nothing changes. I've reset the cmos and checked the connections, but still nothing.

Asus z170a motherboard
CPU i56500
16gb Crucial Ballistix DDR4 ram
EVGA gtx 950 Graphics card
EVGA 650w psu
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  1. Must be the hdd or ssd if the boot led is on
  2. Paul NZ said:
    Must be the hdd or ssd if the boot led is on

    Really? I've never had a problem with the ssd before, what do you propose to be the solution?
  3. Well thats what boot means doesnt it?? Try another port or sata cable
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