Computer Freezing idk whats causing it to freeze. Please HELP!

Everytime I play games on my computer like league of legends or overwatch. about 20 or 30 minutes later my computer all the sudden Froze. i couldnt get out of game. cant use task manager. I waited for a while. then the computer shuts down by its self. i checked my tempatures while playing some games. they were fine. gpu temp is around 70 c cpu temps around 40 c hdd 31 c always. I've updated the gpu drivers and mb. and it still freezes the computer that requires me to hard reset. Can you guys please tell me whats wrong with my computer and how i fix it?
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  1. Test the ram with memtest
  2. Paul NZ said:
    Test the ram with memtest

    I have tested the ram. Ram is doing fine too.
  3. Did you do it with memtest not the windows one?
  4. Paul NZ said:
    Did you do it with memtest not the windows one?

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    if it's half an hour after cold boot, I'd say a faulty power supply or motherboard - that really does look like a dead capacitor somewhere, they usually cause crash/freeze when the whole system is up to running temp. It may happen to graphics cards too, but with recent Windows versions this shouldn't lead to system freeze - at worst you should get a hard exit to desktop with VGA compatible display driver.
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