How much can i overclock the gtx 1060 with it being stable ?

I overclocked my xtreme gaming gtx 1060 a bit by giving it +60 core and + 200 memory which isn't that much and playing witcher 3 all maxed out my max temp is 65c with fans working at around 40% and in AB it says that my clock went up to 2050MHz while playing which i check every time after i finish playing to see how it's holding up.
So if some of you also overclocked a gtx 1060 or could just help me with how far should be considered safe since i am no overclocking expert,what would be very helpful.
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  1. By 1060 cannot go any higher than +100mhz or it will crash, no matter the voltage. Memory seems to be a lot higher but I haven't tested that.
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    You can go as high as it will go before it crashes or starts artifacting, there is no this is as high as you can go or you will break your card in terms of core clocks. My 1060 like the above posters will not go much further than an 100mhz offset on the core clock, I can get about 2080mhz stable and as far as 2100mhz without crashing immediately though I do see artifacting at those speeds. With power and temp limit set to max in msi afterburner. I have +100 on my memory, I dont see much of an improvement even in synthetic tests when overclcking VRAM so I dont really see the point to push it far.
  3. i'll just push it to 2090MHz and leave it,can't gain that much fps even if i go further,thanks for the replies
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