Replaced I5-4690k with i7-4690k and now my monitor says No Display

So basically the process went smooth, besides me messing up where the power button cables go, but for the most part it was smooth. Basically when I go to boot everything works, Cpu fans are on, gpu fans are on, and case fans work.The only problem was the monitor said no display when prior to the cpu installation everything was working. I really need help because I don't want to go buy anything. Also, I reset bios, using hdmi, and taking my gpu out and putting the dvi cable straight to my cpu. Nothing seemed to help it still says No display.
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  1. Hello... do you mean a "i7-4790K" ?

    Basically it's possible your MB needs a BIO's update before installing the i7-4790K... Did you check this first? do you know your current BIO"s version?
    1) List your MB brand model for us.
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    Its most likely due to an outdated bios. the i5 4690k is haswell, and the i7 4790k is a haswell refresh, meaning its the same socket, but with some new bios/cpu die things
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