Getting lower fps than other people with the same card?

I am running gtx 1060 X 6Gb by msi with an i7 4820k OC'ed to 4,2ghz
People with i5 6400 and gtx 1060 are getting 20-30 fps more than me what did I do wrong ?
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  1. Are all your settings the same as their settings? all all your drivers clean and up to date? Is your cpu overheating or damaged in any way?

    Is your GPU set to normal, gaming, or OC mode?

    A lot of things it could be.
  2. Same settings
    gpu set to OC mode - 1974mhz
    no damage to cpu- temp 43 degrees at full load
    GPU driver all updated, no idea what else to do

    could it be the new driver I downloaded ??!!
    should i try and revert to older one and see what it does or its unlikely that the driver is causing such things
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    I would uninstall the drivers and then manually reinstall them (use express/recommended not custom)

    You can use DDU to do a clean uninstall.
    That usually helps me when I have low fps.
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