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Hello,this is my first pc build. I have almost all new components. I bought the Intel i5,the Asus gryphon Z97 armor edition and a new power suppley from Corsair the CX500.I was careful while connecting everything,where I did it,how etc.. And so I went to start it and nothing happens on the screen but the computer is running,fans and everything,plus 3 red lights blink and the the BOOT DEVICE stays on. I have a couple of RAM sticks,tried them all and on every slot,I have tried booting the comnputer without any hard drives,I have tried unplugging my graphics card and using the onboard one, I have reassembled the computer,check for loose screws and stuff,lared the cmos by battery and by pins,then i took out the i5 fan and cleaned the processor and put the paste on again. Tried then starting the computer and for the first time it got just an image that said TUF(asus symbol) and the it turned off again. I really dont know what to do anymore,been trying this for 5 days now,losing my mind. If anyone can please help I would be very thankful beacuse this is driving me insane a little.
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  1. A checklist to do:

    Btw, your Corsair CX series PSU is low quality (Tier four) PSU.

    Tier Four
    Built down to a low price. Not exactly the most stable units ever created. Very basic safety circuitry or even thin gauge wiring used. Not for gaming rigs or overclocking systems of any kind. Avoid unless your budget dictates your choice.

    PSU Tier list:

    I suggest that you get yourself a good quality (Tier two) PSU, preferably great quality (Tier one) PSU if you could afford it.

    Anything from Seasonic is great, e.g Seasonic G-550.

    But before going for new PSU, do every step in the checklist.
  2. yeah sory but i dont have the money for top level psu,and even if it is low quality its brand new i dont think it would fail me right out of the box,and its not some big powerful desktop..i tried everything from the list
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    For top level PSU, you'd be looking at Seasonic PRIME 650 that i have in my Skylake build. I payed €206 for it ($220). Seasonic G series is good quality (Tier two) PSU that costs $70.

    I suggest you breadboard your MoBo for easier troubleshooting. Breadboarding is a technique where you take your MoBo out of the case and seat it on any cardboard box.

    You said that you bought i5 CPU. Which one exactly? E.g i5-6500, i5-7500 etc.

    What kind of connector you use when you connect your monitor to your MoBo when GPU is removed from the system?

    Does the BOOT_DEVICE_LED stay lit up regardless if you have any storage devices connected or not?
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