Samsung 950 M.2 ssd vs 960 pro M.2 ssd

Hi guys I just went on the Samsung website and found out that the Samsung 950 pro was more expensive than the Samsung 960 pro and the 960 pro has better read and write speeds and I was wondering why and are both use the same way to fit in The motherboard here is my motherboard

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    It's because the 950 is the previous gen and no longer made, thus there is a premium. Both use the same slot
  2. I have no idea why the 950 Pro is more expensive. The 960 Pro is newer, and probably came out with a lower MSRP (due to more competition in the market)
    Samsung don't sell them themselves, and direct you to vendors. The vendors probably paid more for the 950 pro (due to the higher MSRP) and therefore have to recoup their outlay + profit. The 960 pro was cheaper for them to acquire = lower selling price.

    Either will work on your board, yes.

    960 Pro is a no-brainer.
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