getting low fps while using a SSD


got a ssd from a friend which is the kingston SV300 with 120GB.

I cleaned the ssd from my friends files and installed windows 10 64bit.

after that i configurated the windows 10 settings like maximum performance and nvidia control panel to the same settings as i have on my HDD.

I installed some games and pretty much all of them have like the half of the fps as the HDD.

Drivers are up to date and im clueless why i have so low fps.

One thing i installed windows on the SSD without activating AHCI because i didnt knew about that. i activated it via regedit but im not sure if thats working.

here an example :

H1z1 i get 140-300FPS depending where i am on the map lets say im in the city i get like 90-120fps

on the fresh installed SSD i get 40-50 FPS in the city which is really bad.

My Rig :

8GB Ram
GTX 1070

no overclocking or anything similiar done.
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    as far as I know AHCI has to be activated in the bios it will default IDE so that would be my first step and a re-install of your OS then for the kingston ssd I am sure kingston would have some software for setting the OS correctly.
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