3 TB HDD or 2 TB SSHD?


I already have my OS on an 256 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD for my games/videos and everything else.

Now I'm in need of an upgrade/extra harddrive for my video games, and I would like to hear if the boost SSHD gives is enough to pay the same, but get less space. It's only for games and documents, really. Just wanted to hear if it's possible to see a small boost in game loading times.

Or should I just roll with the HDD that's 3 TB?
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    sshd use the ssd part to act as a cache for most used files. Now whether you would get a benefit from that depends how often you played same part of games I think.

    I would get the extra 1tb since you already have an ssd for windows, its probably more valuable in long run. its longer time before you need a bigger one again... by then ssd may have caught up (or the more expensive ones may have reduced price, since ssd can now be bigger than hdd)
  2. I run a WD 6TB red pro drive for all my games. Its segmented off into 3 parts, 1 for all my steam games, 2 for all ripped disc iso's, and 3rd for all the games to be installed at.

    A few games that i play with friends where they have their game installed on a dedicated SSD they will beat me in load time by a second or 2 but other then that you cant tell a difference. I would go for raw storage over a few seconds of load time, the SSHD or SSD will not give you better FPS over a HDD only slightly better load times.
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