Good and (relatively) cheap PSUs for the GTX 1060 6gb version/RX 480 8GB

Hi, i'm looking for good but relatively cheap PSUs for either a GTX 1060 6gb or the RX 480 8GB...i was thinking about grabbing the RM550X from Corsair but the price is so high around here (more than $200)! Any other good options out there?

(Please give me multiple choices, if possible: ThermalTake, Corsair, EVGA, etc...)
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    The Corsair CX550M is a good value choice.

    EVGA would be the 550G2, G3, or GS.

    Seasonic M12II 520 or G-series 550
  2. CX550M. It's better than the older CX models.
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