Asus x53s Laptop with internal pcie x16 slot - Rise internal pcie x16 2.0 slot?

i have an asus x53s Laptop. Mainboard is k53sk( and has an internal pcie x16 2.0 slot. is it possible to rise(with this, or this with molex?? the slot out of the laptop housing and plug in a desktop graphic card? just plug and play with no further hassle?

if yes, would be "the best pcie 2.0" graphic card ok, or should i buy a less powerfull graphic card due to some possible limitations?

cpu: i7 2630qm
ram: 8 gb ddr3
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  1. That is for specific mobile GPUs. You cannot use it with just anything. The power delivery system wouldn't be able to handle it like a normal slot. I don't know what that laptop power delivery system could sustain, but to power a desktop GPU, it would have to deliver 75W, and that is just beyond any laptop.
  2. do you know what the name of the slot is? or is it a normal x16 slot without proper power supply for desktop graphic cards?
    if so the secound riser i linked has an extra molex plug. maybe that would do it?

    isnt there any other adapter or something?

    dont want to use pci x1/2 to x16 adapter ( gdc...)
  3. The moral of the story is that you're not going to be able to use a desktop GPU with that laptop - end of story.

    No adapter will fix this.
  4. Some laptops have a industry "standard" type slot called MXM, which would make it upgradeable. Unfortunately, from what I've looked up on that Asus, the slot in that laptop uses the same physical connector, but flipped. So, it isn't MXM compatible. It only uses Asus proprietary GPUs, which are very hard to find. I haven't found one yet.
  5. so i couldn even use mxm cards? damn asus :(

    but tthx anyway

    edit: gpu-z tells me that the buss interface is pcie x16 2.0. this does nothing to do with with the slot i guess?

    no a topic related question: gpu-z also tells me my internal hd7610m 2 gb only runs at pcie 1.1. any idee how i can fix this?
  6. The assessments above are correct. There is no adaptor for that type of internal PCIe slot. You can only use another of the same type of GPU. Don't waste your money on that adaptor it will not work.
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    Well it does not exist yet. They are working on a MXM 3.0 version. 2.0 x16 link will be fine for 3.0 cards as they are backward compatible.

    I have tested an exp gdc and it works but with caveats, My test laptop, a Dell N7110, is sandy bridge i5 2410m with a geforce 525m. I have an exp gdc with a 750 TI and a dell DA-2 power supply. It takes an act of congress to make this run with the whitelist for wifi cards stopping it from booting. Got to figure out how to edit the bios to remove whitelists to make this easier. I believe the expresscard would be the better option for connection but not many laptops have this. Will try on a lenovo with an i5-560m and intel IGP when my expresscard cable comes in.

    Remove the wifi card, install the cable, do not connect to the dock, boot the laptop, once on the desktop, close the lid to enter sleep mode, then connect the cable to the dock, open the lid and it powers up, Then the LAPTOP drivers from invidia are installed, and remove the 525m from device manager to free up resources. The card works on the internal display. There is a penalty from x1 link width and using the internal LCD, but it was still a huge performance boost over 525m. Don't forget a USB wireless adaptor since the wifi card is removed and don't connect it to the exp gdc.

    This is all a very inelegant solution. The goal is to have the portability and function of a laptop, then when you need more power connect to a dock. USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 should make this better, think alienware graphics amp without the proprietary connector. Purchase new laptops with Thunderbolt 3 over USB-C and intel IGP only, then add the nvidia card and use the laptop drivers for optimus displaying back to the internal LCD for semi portable.
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