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Ok guys stupid question, so i will play gta 5 story for the first time, and i want to get the best experience, so my question is, should I finish the game on vannila version(like basically all players did), or install redux right away, and play with it?

btw does it even matter?

Sorry for my poor english, and i hope you understand my question.
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    GTA V redux is just a graphical mod as far as I know it doesn't change anything about the story or the way the game plays. If you like the way redux looks versus vanilla go for it. I personally probably wouldn't if it was the first time I was playing the game as I like to see how mods compare to the vanilla experience, I would play for a bit with no mods then install mods so I can appreciate what they do.
  2. To add to what Dunlop0078 said, Redux is mainly graphical, but the police are a lot tougher, the AI is better and all the vehicles have had their handling changed.
  3. dunlop - i thought the same. Thanks guys for taking time answering this.
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