STEAM Authentication required to connect to servers (CS1.6)

Hi,Guys i just started a dedicated server from hlds.exe and copied the ip address from the started server tab to my cs 1.6 game and when i try to connect to the server it writes STEAM Authentication required to connect to servers.What do i do??
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  1. try typing in your computers Local IP address (like instead of the public address (which would be like

    Run command prompt (run > cmd.exe) and type "ipconfig" and hit enter and it will tell you your IP address.

    Connecting to your local server is different then someone outside your network connecting to your server because you don't want to go outside your network and back in.

    You may also need to setup port forwarding on your router.

    Running your own server is difficult to setup, make sure you have a guide on how to do it properly, it shouldn't be hard to google how to do it right.
  2. hi james,i tried your ip config method on my cmd but it displays the same ip address in the ipv4 address column which was the ip address of my cs 1.6 dedicated server which i started.

    My dedicated server ip address is and my cs 1.6 dedicated server ip address is also
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    Google "what is my IP" and try connecting to your public IP address then.

    And you should really just look up a guide on how to setup a CS 1.6 server as well, make sure you did everything right.
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