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I'm planning to buy storage drive but stuck in war between SSD vs SSHD Vs HDD

in india zotac 120GB SSD priced at 3,390 + WD blue 1 TB 7200RPM at 3,689 total 7,079 and my second option is Seagate Fircuda ST1000DX002 1TB SSHD at 6,290,
Kindly suggest me what should i choose.
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    Heyo dadizonline

    Personally I'd go for the HDD+SSD setup, since the SSHD would have to be used for some time before the SSD part actually starts to shine. It basically have to learn which programs you use frequently.
    Even though it's cheaper, I'd still go for the SSD+HDD setup. I personally use that, and I do actually have an SSHD in one of my laptops. i know you can't compare a laptop SSHS to the desktop version, but the learning process is the same.

    Good luck deciding!
  2. for storage a HDD is fine, but SSD = OS, HDD is storage works well. SSHD's work well if the work pattern can be learned, else it'll be constantly caching and recaching, so for an OS they are OK as that's consistent, but for storage not so good as it doesn't know what you want next.
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