Graphics card artifacts and crashing

Ok guys, I really need your help on this one as its driving me insane.

So I bought two Gigabyte Nvidia GTX1080 Xtreme 8GB GDDR5 PP PCI-E to work them in SLI. I connected them and started having artifacts and crashes on games (black desert, 3 d mark and another benchmark. So I tested the cards separately.

One card is working perfectly. No crashes nothing. Works fine on all games. The other card however is crashing and glitching on black desert and 3d mark, although 3d mark was working today. I cannot understand, its the exact same card, one is working, one is giving me crashes on a particular game.

Maybe card is damaged? I tried a lot of things, different slots, different power cables, drivers etc etc but sill same problem; Graphics card 1 plays black desert perfectly, graphics card 2 crashes and gives me artefacts. However it works fine on battlefront 1 for example. Cant understand. Any help is well appreciated.

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  1. Rest of build?
  2. oh yes sorry;

    - cpu i7 5820K
    - asus rampage v extrme;
    - 1500 Psu
    - 16gb of ram

    That's all I can think of
  3. Have you tried the "bad" card in the slot the good card works in?
  4. Yes I have tried that. Same result
  5. Id RMA the card then for sure
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