could nintendo have released a switch like device in 2012 instead of the wii U?

Could nintendo have put the power in the tablet instead of the console during that generation?
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  1. Maybe but it likely would have been too expensive with somewhat equivalent hardware, it certainly wouldn't have been $300.
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  2. Doubt it.
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  3. So I've wondered this myself before, and I think they could've, but it would be more expensive, and also they probably didn't see the point in releasing a new handheld only a year after the 3ds was released. The 3ds wouldn't have sold as well as it has (almost 300 million as of September 2016!) But I think they could've made the technology because in 2011 the PSVita came out which had console quality graphics on a portable system. Especially if it was as big as the switch is now, I personally think they could've released something similar to the switch. The only thing that I'm not sure about is the joy-cons. I doubt the HD rumble could've existed because that's completely new technology. Also the whole joy-con idea itself might not have worked at that time.

    So as for graphical power and processing, I think they could've pulled it off.

    But for the whole joy-con system, I'm not so sure.

    I hope this gives you some good insight!
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    I think it was mainly availability of the technology for one thing. One of the biggest costs of tablets is the battery, and if Nintendo wanted to meet the $299 price point it has for the Switch, in order to mass produce a console like that, the technology would have to be there in order to make the batteries affordable. Same thing with the touch screens. When iPads were first on the market, the touch screens made them so they couldn't be affordable unless you had money. So the touch screen plus the battery, a system like the Switch in 2012 would have cost twice, probably 3 times as much and it wouldn't have been as practical.
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