What should my laptop´s temperature be? And can i overclock the laptop and how much?

So I would like to know what should my laptops GPU´s temperature be when playing PlanetSide 2 on medium settings on a 1080p display?
My specs are:
-Intel Core i5-6300HQ
-Nvidia GTX 950M, 4 GB
-16 gigs DDR4 RAM
Currently I am getting about 55-74 degrees celsius.

And the part that you will most likely not recommend is that can i overclock my laptop GPU like even just a little bit? I would not do this but if i plan on buying a somewhat high end laptop cooling pad would this be possible?
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    Well.. OC'ing a laptop I would recommend it. It will dramatically reduce the life of the components as well as create a lot of heat. Laptop's themselves already have to have a little bit higher temps to cool.

    I don't ever see the need to OC but that's just my opinion.
  2. you can overclock but on your own risk.
    temperature depends on 3 things
    1 load on it
    2 the surrounding temperature
    3 the cleanliness of the cooling unit
  3. probably the only thing that you could overclock on your laptop is your graphic card, but dont overclock it too high, and do it by your own risk, as damage by overclock will void the warranty itself. temperature itself is depending on your usage and how good your laptop cooling is, but for sure skylake processor max temp is 100 celcius if im not wrong, depends o your laptop manufacture
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