i7-6800k Overclocking with h100i cooler

My i7-6800k is ov to 4.2 ghz with 1.3v(motherboard automatic) and temps never go over 67 degrees on intel burn. I treid to put it to 4.4 ghz and then motherboard sets voltage to 1.43. temps go to 80c max. should i try manualy lower voltage or is this normal?
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  1. That's a bit warm and a ton of voltage for only 200 MHz try dropping it manually of it won't stay stable with lower voltage try 4.3
  2. 1.43v and 80c is too much and too hot. Just put it to 4.2ghz and try setting the voltage manual, you will have lower temps.
  3. what is the max voltage I should stay under? 1.4?
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    Definitely under 1.4 but don't just set it at 1.39 see how low you can go at 4.3
  5. I got it to 4.4 ghz with 1.385 voltage not going over 80c on 10 run intel burn test, is it good enugh then?
    I will also try to play witcher and bf1 for 1hour and see how it goes...
  6. Yeah check temps during a couple of different tasks but sounds better for sure
  7. While playing wither 3 with all settings on ultra max temp was 57c :)
  8. Sounds good. Should be set up
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