will this overclock affect the life of my i5 6600k substantially? and is the voltage good for the clocks?

so i decided to overclock my i5 6600k today and i have achieved some very impressive numbers with fairly low temperatures.
i have tested the overclock with intelburntest and it seems very stable. i am currently clocked at 4.5ghz with 1.265 vcore, however i have yet to see the vcore go over 1.252v. also, my temps under load reached 58c maximum, while my idle temps are around 30c. i am a little puzzled though because i have an evo 212 and i thought it would run a lot hotter at these clocks but it isnt. is 1.265 vcore good for 4.5ghz? or should i try lowering it more, i tested 4.2 ghz at 1.25 vcore and my stability test failed so i bumped it to 1.265 and got all the way up to 4.5 ghz. will this overclock decrease the life of my cpu substantially or is it safe? i want the cpu to last 2 years since i will likely need an upgrade by then.
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    It's good..i have to be at 1.275 for 4.5 which i thought was ok... Yours is very good. Temps will scale with volts. Run 30 mins of prime 26.6 or aida 64. Those temps will be higher than you'll ever see, but good stability test.

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