My ping increases whenever someone(usually my brother) is watching videos on their phone/computer

My router is the Technicolor TG784n v3 10 Mbps and does not contain QoS so that isn't an option. I play Dota 2 on SEA server and whenever no one is doing anything, I get a ping of 15, but when someone is watching, my ping goes up to 200-1500. This is really troublesome and I have lost countless games because of this. I have tried to tell them to stop watching but they ignore me and I get scolded for it.

I don't really understand how watching a youtube video(Around 4.5mbps) will make my ping go up from 15 to 1000, despite having another 5mbps free. Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm really desperate to fix this problem.
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  1. Hardwire to the router an option?
    Sell your brother?
  2. dudio said:
    Hardwire to the router an option?
    Sell your brother?

    There is no space for me to hardwire the router to my laptop because the table downstairs is full of things. Wish I could sell him but he's old then me Kappa
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    Ping times on wifi is completely unpredictable. Wifi has no control mechanism to prevent transmission. Devices listen and if they hear nobody they transmit. This means even though 2 devices can each talk to the router fine they may not be able to hear each others transmissions. They will then transmit at the same time and the router will get damaged packets. This is in addition to garbage wifi signals coming from your neighbors that make it hard for both the router and end device to detect your in house traffic.

    When the problem is wireless interference there is almost nothing you can do.

    The problem with speeds is they are average numbers. Youtube like most software sends data in bursts. So lets say you are watching a video that needs 1mbit/sec of bandwidth. I could send 10mbit of data in 1 second and then do nothing for 9 seconds or I could send 2mbits of data every other second. Both would have a 1mbits/sec average over 10seconds.

    Now games are different than almost any other type of traffic...which is why it is the thing you see people complain about all the time. Games actually do send data at a fixed rate. They are dependent on the timing between the data to coordinate the end pc with the ingame functions and other players. They really hate traffic rates that vary.

    What is likely happening is you are getting short burst of high rate youtube traffic that are delaying the game traffic just a little.

    Without QoS you have no chance. Even with QoS you have to be very aware of the concept of average rates. The concept of managing the burst rate rather than the average data rate is a very advanced concept even for QoS.
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