screen goes black then white periodically after cpu overclock while stress testing, is the overclock unstable?

so i decided to overclock my cpu. i am currently at 4.2 ghz and 1.3vcore. im using aida64 to stress test my cpu. my screen went black and then white a few times during the test but the test completed. also my vcore is only going up to 1.25 max and temps only went to 50c max. what can cause this? should i be changing anything other than voltage and frequency in the bios? during the test windows also said that a restart is required for some reason...
i tried the test with 1.25 vcore at 4.2 ghz and it did the same thing but the test said it failed, while this one did not say failure, it went a full 10 minutes

mobo: z170 gaming 3
cpu: i5 6600k
gpu: gtx 1070 amp edition (zotac)
cpu coooler; evo 212
psu: 850w evga g2 supernova gold rated
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    never had my screen go black and white from overclocking so thats a new one to me

    setting 1.3v and getting 1.25v is caused by vdroop

    usually altering llc (load line calibration) in the bios stops that though dont just stick it to the most aggressive setting move it 1 step at a time

    will depend on your bios but mine has llc levels 1 to 5
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