How to use a peltier module to cool CPU?

So I just recently found out about this peltier thing where one side gets cold and the other gets hot. How would I use this to cool my cpu? Do I attach the cold side to the CPU and the hot side to a heatsink or AIO like H100i? Where do I find how to do this?
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  1. It's a bit more complicated.

    You'll also need a metal block between the Peltier and CPU and gotta make sure the Peltier is large enough for the particular cpu. You've got to insulate the cold side of the peltier, metal block, and cpu to prevent condensation. Not sure it's worth the hassle, I played with it for a bit and just decided against keeping it in my build... It could possibly fail and then become an insulator between your heatsink and CPU possibly damaging your CPU. There is a reason it's not that commonly used in CPU coolers. Fun to play with, but would not use it permanently.
  2. That's exactly how it works, but of course there is more to it than that. The peltier, or TEC as I call them is the first and easiest phase cooler you can use. This means you can go below the dew point of your room and introduce condensation. So you need to prep your cooling lines if any and your motherboard/socket. I'm sure you can find some youtube videos or websites that talk about how to use them. I normally suggest newer people avoid them. Go water if you want/need better than air cooling.
  3. Peltier coolers exist, but are really not that good or effective.
    I did some research and was unimpressed.

    What do you need to cool?
    What is your case?
    How much do you value quiet operation?

    For the most part, a top air cooler like a Noctua NH-U14s will be as good as it gets.
  4. A quiet operation is good but not required just as long as it's not blaring loud. I'm cooling a i7-6800k. My case is corsair c70 vengeance.
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