GPU Intensive Game crashing after some time, no error message.


I had recently upgraded my computer to these specs:

Windows 10
GTX GeForce 1080
intel i7 4790k (not overclocked)
Asus Pro Gamer Z MOBO
24GB RAM (Gskill Ripjaws, 4+4 and 8+8)
Asus Predator XB1 with G-Sync enabled, DP connection

and started playing Forza Horizons 3 on ultra settings.

The game runs very well, the GPU and CPU are not bottlenecking, and the RAM sits at around 9GB with little variance.

After anywhere from a half hour to an hour, the game will freeze for <1 second, then shut off. No warnings, error messages, or windows pop up. No in game stuttering, no graphical glitches, it just shuts off as if i alt F4'd. I can immediately restart the game. This happens every time i play Forza for long enough.

My GPU/CPU are at regular operation levels immediately after the crash, and all temps are good. RAM drops down after the program closes but does not behave abnormally beforehand.

On the contrary, i can play Overwatch on the highest settings (1440p, 144Hz, ultra graphics) for as long as i want with no crashes.

Is this possibly a symptom of having mismatched RAM sizes? I am going to take out the sticks of 4GB tonight and try again with 2 sticks of 8GB. If that fails, i will reinstall my GTX 960 (previous gfx card) and try again. I had assumed that the memory management of the operating system would not allow out-of-range accesses in RAM. Maybe mismatched ram was an issue on older computers.

The drivers are up-to-date for the 1080 at the moment. I can try rolling that driver back, if anyone has seen issues with the latest driver?

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before? I appreciate the help.
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  1. Post what PSU are you using for this build. Does this only happens with Forza?
  2. the ram are working at the same jedec specs also as tell check your psu .
  3. mlga91 said:
    Post what PSU are you using for this build. Does this only happens with Forza?

    I apologise, I forgot to include that. I have a NEX750G rated for 750W. This issue only happens with forza.

    I am currently testing the furmark benchmark test with 16gb of RAM and it is not crashing. The temp has leveled out at 71°C.
  4. what king of air flow you have in system and see if the 4 gig and 8 gig set have similar jedec coding .
  5. I've got four fans in the case, not including the built in gtx1080 ones. The CPU has a hyper 212 Evo cooler. Temperature has not been an issue.
  6. check if your fan in case one fall out the gpu will get fresh air from front fan and if pressure is now high enough hot ait will stay in system .
  7. It sounds more like a problem with Forza 3 than with your system, take a look at this:
  8. Yes, I've done some research on crashes. Unfortunately I have not found one that matches my case. These crashes are at load time, rather than after some time of playing.

    Tonight I'm going to launch Forza from a command prompt in the hopes that it will catch the cause of the crash.
  9. Update: Forza just crashed after 25 minutes of playing, with 16GB (2 sticks of 8 GSkill RAM)

    According to CPUID HWMonitor:

    Max GPU Temp: 75degC (running three 27" monitors)
    Max CPU Temp: 79degC

    Same issue, no apparent hardware failures.

    The FurMark bench test topped out at 71degC previously, with only one monitor.

    I will reinstall the game tomorrow and try again, but i am honestly out of ideas. I might switch back to my GTX 960 and run lower gfx and see if that works. I will also roll back graphics drivers.
  10. that cpu at79 c are you still on stock cooler it is a bit on the high side i would repaste it and if that does not help get a aftermarket cooler for the cpu ,for the gpu see if you could send more air to it running 3 monitors at high settings made him heat up compare your temp using hwinfo .
  11. It's an aftermarket cooler on the CPU. Forza is a cpu-heavy game since Microsoft encrypted all the files, so texture files need to be decrypted in real time when running the game. When I had my i5, the game would bottle neck it at 99% usage and crash.

    I'll see about rearranging fans for better air flow
  12. Update: After two hours of play, the game COD'd the same as before. I noticed that if i did many 20 minute races, it crashes less often than the 30 minute race that i used to do. This makes me think it's game related.

    Unfortunately i cannot start the game from a command prompt due to microsoft's encryption, i do not have access to any related game file. So any unhandled exceptions are not viewable. I will look for dump files.

    Memory was at 16 gb of similar arrangements.

    After the crash:
    CPU top temp 85 deg C
    GPU top temp 71 deg C

    I noticed that my computer automatically overclocks my i7 when playing games. Idle it runs at 4GHz, at gaming it runs at 4.6GHz. I did not know this was happening, could this contribute to the crashing?

    I also ensured in my BIOS that the memory speed matched the speed of my RAM.
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    i would check the cpu cooler at 85 c that is high you may have to repaste or your cooler is not powerfull enough to cool the cpu on load .
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