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Just want to check, finishing up a new build tomorrow. I currently have my old build which runs windows off of an ssd and then I have a 1tb Hdd for my programs and games. The new build will have a fresh ssd and windows 10 installed. As long as the old hdd is not used for windows I shouldnt have any issues just swapping it to the new build?
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  1. You'll have to reinstall the programs on the 1 TB again tho
  2. Ahh ok was hoping to avoid that, but figured I couldn't. Best bet is to just wipe it pretty much, or ill have to reformat it in the new pc?
  3. You can do a quick format after you reinstall windows on the SSD. If you want
  4. Some games/programs might work without reinstallation.
    But most of them will probably require it.
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    Steam games you wont have to reinstall. You can Install Steam over the old location on the HD and the Steamapps folder will still have the game files in it. You can go to your library in steam and opt to install again. It will check the folder and take a bit of time to verify, run any updates, and register the game with the OS. Saves you a lot of time instead of downloading. Origin games can do something similar, as well: you may need to target the game install folder though from the app. Things installed from disk or a stand alone installer may have to go through the full reinstall process though.
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