Infinite Boot Loop Windows 10, Refresh Just Errors, BIOS Cannot Detect Bootable USB, Need to reload Windows

Hi using Asus G75VW, windows 10. Got a blue screen that said

Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. Stop code: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED
What failed: nvlddmkm.sys
(This is for graphics card)

Was able to get out of infinite boot into recovery mode. Didn't work: Automatic startup repair, safe mode (can't get into), system restore (no points), refresh (error).

Next I feel like I need to use a bootable USB but I don't see it listed in motherboard settings??

Open to all advice, backed up my data on hard drive running Windows.

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  1. try the recovery disk that you well suppose to make?
  2. Recovery disk is working allowing for clean reinstall. Ready to roll, but 1 question.

    I will delete my SSD drive C that was running Windows. That's backed up. However I have 2 other separate HDDs that at one point (not currently) ran Windows. They are also listed as Primary. These are not backed up. If I select delete SSD drive C and Next, will the clean install affect the HDDs?
  3. I'm not sure, better just take it out.
  4. Received following error

    Windows cannot be installed to the disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition tabl. On EFI systems, windows can only be installed to GPT disks.
  5. I have one other Drive 0 Partition 1, System type. If I delete this too will that solve the issue, or will I need to go into MB settings
  6. Successfully used Convert GPT in shift + f10 command prompt.
  7. But now computer is not recognizing that HDD that you recommended to remove. Reinserted but it does not appear within This PC
  8. not seeing in bios? or disk management?
  9. I don't see it in BIOS but I couldn't see it there even before the reinstall. I do see it in Disk Management. "Healthy (Primary Partition)" Does it need new assigned drive letter and how to
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    right click in disk management
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