Error graphic card not compatible with directx11, but I played the game for a week straight till 3 days ago...

Hello everyone, well, the title said all. I didnt have any problems until 3 days ago. I took a break in my playtime and today trying to continue playing it gave me that error, not compatible with directx 11 or drivers not up to date (I already update them, and just the nvidia was lacking). And I tried nvidia control panel, but does´nt let me use it, it says something about my screen not connected to a nvidia GPU That´s it. I tried to restore the system, but to my surprise, I don´t have any to do it. Which leaaves me the option to restore to zero point... My system: Intel I5 2500k 3.30 GHz 3.6GHz 8Gbram Windows 10 64 bits Nvidia gtx 660 TI Please help, and thank you in advance
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    I would try running DDU, to completely remove any trace of Nvidia drivers, then install the latest, from Nvidia.
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