Is it worth buy ssd of 120gb

Is it worth buying ssd of 120gb,as i cannot afford for 240gb.
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  1. Yes. There's plenty of room for the OS, and a couple of applications. keep the HDD as a secondary storage location for data and applications that don't need to be on the SSD.
  2. if you are looking to use it as a boot drive and load a few programs on it, definitely. It will make a huge difference when switching from a HDD as a boot drive.
  3. Yes i use a 120gb with my operating system and important files! i use a 1tb hard drive for all games and none essential files/downloads. IF you are only using a ssd i would save up to get a larger drive.
  4. What are you going to be using your computer for?
  5. 200+ is the standard now , that's what I use for OS drives.
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    Upgrading from a HDD to a 120 GB SSD is worth it. However, the 250 GB and larger SSDs tend to be faster than the 120 GB models, so paying the extra $10-$30 for the larger SSD is usually worth it.

    SSDs are basically like putting a bunch of USB flash drives together. A single flash drive might only be able to write at 70 MB/s. But if you put 8 of them together, split the file into 8 pieces, and send one piece to each flash drive, and each drive writes their piece simultaneously, then your overall write speed is 560 MB/s. The 120 GB SSDs typically use half the number of internal flash drives as the 240 GB and larger SSDs, so will be a bit slower.
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