Celeron upgrade to core 2 duo. Old ecs 775 board

Hi, trying to upgrade an old ecs 775 motherboard from celeron to a core 2 duo. Every time I start it up after the swap, I get a black screen. I put the old CPU in and it works again normally but says the CPU has changed and to check settings. What do I have to do to get it working?? I've never changed a CPU before. It was my dad's old machine before he passed and it would a lot if I had it running some early 2000 applications and games etc. any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks a bunch! :)
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  1. First thing I would do go to the ecs site Search for your mobo

    Look at the supported cpus. And see if the one youre installing is compatible. And whether it needs a BIOS update to support it
  2. Oh thanks!! I did that a while ago when I bought a quad and I think it said that it was compatible but the quad core needed a chipset update or something, i got the update and had to install it from a bootable disk drive to make it work apparently. Never worked out for us so I sold the quad and bought a core 2. The ecs site said that it was core 2 ready and should have been an easier fit. I do need to and will revisit the site and re download the manual anything else. I was just kinda hoping this new core 2 would crank right up. lol I really appreciate the response.
  3. Oh yeah. Bios* not chipset, sorry. The ecs site or manual said it needed a bios update for going to quad but not for core 2 duo if I recall correctly. Since I couldn't succeed in that I went with a core 2 duo
  4. Whats the mobo and what's the new CPU ?
  5. Ok

    945g-m3 rev: 3.1
    Core 2 duo 2.66
  6. Now I Can't seem to find the old website that I used as a resource for this board. I think the link to it as well as maybe the manual and bios set could possibly be on the older hard drive I just swapped out. Go figure. So need be I could swap the CPU and drive again and then pull any info off if it's there. My friend also would most likely still have the manual as well if I don't. He said he would back it up for me. But he didn't have a bios for it I don't think. I keep trying on this thing every year. We used to have a lot of fun with it. I appreciate the help very much.
  7. Is this it?

    Looks like there's only one BIOS update anyway

    Which CPU is it?

    LGA775 Intel Pentium 4 505 N/A 2.66 GHz 1MB N/A 061219
    LGA775 Intel Pentium 4 505J N/A 2.66 GHz 1MB N/A 061219
    LGA775 Intel Pentium 4 506 (G1) (95W) N/A 2.66 GHz 1MB N/A 061219

    Is there a videocard in this ?? Or did the celeron work with the onboard video port?
  8. Yes the celeron works but is very slow. Hence the swap. There is a bfg nvidia 512 megabite card in it that works normally on the board right away even before driver install. On board video works too.
  9. 945G chipset is very old and mostly Pentium 4 and Pentium G....

    Ah, from the link PaulNZ found it does support exactly 2 Core2Duo chips.
  10. Oh thanks! So if I had one of these particular core 2 duo Chips listed at the top then it should work with out any bios change or any kind of modification? In theory? I see that my current core duo is not listed as supported. Great links! Thanks guys!
  11. If you can find one. Those particular models wouldn't have been common 11 years ago when they were new. I sure wouldn't spend very much money on anything that old.
  12. Copy that. I'm finding a few of that exact model on eBay for uber cheap. Made an offer for 3$ free shipping on one lol. I'm excited, thanks!!We shall see!
  13. Even I would spend $3. :lol:

    Good luck!
  14. Yep,! he accepted the offer and the correct CPU is shipped, lol I'm now trying to install some sata DVD burners and hard drives as opposed to the old molex ide units that were are normally in there. None of them are working, I know they are functioning. I tried looking in the bios for any settings but couldn't really see anything that appeared relavent to me. I know it's a lot but I have a pile of faster sata optic and hard drives so I figured if I got them in maybe at least the new hard drives would help a little being sata and 7200. Is there something you have to switch when going from molex & ide to sata ??
  15. Nope. Sata doesnt have slave and master like IDE. If you connect data and power, it should appear in the BIOS
  16. Oh strange. Thank you. Valuable info there. That would explain why it was really easy to install in my old and kickin asus. I'll give it another go after the CPU arrives. Thanks a million! ;)
  17. Best answer
    Hey guys! New cpu has arrived and been installed and it's smoking! I mean in a good way. it's orders of magnitude faster. What were they thinking when the celeron was designed. omg. Anyway, thanks a million to y'all helped for helping me figure out the best cpu for this thing. It now is among the living and loaded right up! Loving it. I happened to have knocked the cmos battery and it stopped booting except into bios which of course was not saving. So when i realized that the little cr2032 battery was gone after a bit of a spell, woops, i pulled one out of an R2D2 toy and popped it in the board. Funnily, that's what we used to call this little pc, lol. Now with a new battery and cpu ( dual core 2.13 -3$) it's great! I for R2 another battery as well. :) I'm trying to get the sata hard drives and optic drives to show up and they are still not. I'm not wure what it is but i have 2 of each and they are still not showing. I cant find any setting in the bios for sata but i'm still looking around. CPU issue solved!!! Thanks a million!! what a great place. if you guys have any starwars game issues or audio recording issues, let me know. that's my jam :)
  18. Sweet :)
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