Overclocking a Q6600... In a Dell...

The cooler I have in there, I know for a fact can handle quite a bit more. My Q6600 is running at a stock 2.4ghz, and I would like to push it a little more. However, this is a Dell. Which means: locked bios, no access to a multiplier, and no CPU overclocking tool that I can find has worked.

Does anyone know how to get it working?

Dell Precision 390, lates bios, 0dn075 mobo, 1066 fsb, 667 mhz ram (4gb of it, looking for 8)
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    With that Dell BIOS your only option is a BSEL mod. Basically a piece of copper tape is used to physically connect CPU pins tricking the motherboard into thinking your processor has a higher FSB. In your case 1333 instead of 1066. Even then your performance gain will be small as compared with newer CPU.

    Standard warnings about possible destroyed hardware apply. So tread with caution.
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