Is the motherboard in the Lenovo e31 have standard connections

i was planning on buying this pc so i can add a graphics card when i upgrade the power suplly but was unsure if it'd take regular 24 pin connections or not.
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    That link lists 2 pc's. Which one are you considering?

    I know that the HP Z220 uses proprietary motherboard and power supplies, and you may not be able to use an off the shelf one. This article even states that hp do not make more than a 400W psu of this kind (the article is old so maybe the information has changed).

    I would not buy an old prebuilt workstation if I wanted to get a gaming PC. Perhaps the PCI-e wont work to its full potential, or maybe you would be hard pressed to find certain proprietary parts if they die? In general you will always be limited by cheap motherboards and PSU's that the HP/Lenovo sourcing/budgeting/cost analysis department try to shave every last cent off.

    My advice would be to build your own, or purchase a build which uses standard parts.
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