Will the Noctua NH D15 fit the Phanteks Eclipse P400S if I lower the fans?

It says in Noctua's website that the height of the d15 without fans is 160 mm. 400s' cpu clearance is also 160 mm. So will it work out if i lower the middle fan and remove the other? has anyone ever tried lowering the middle fan? All i hear are people raising the outer fan for greater ram clearance.
I want the D15 instead of the D15s to get that extra fan and put it in my front intake.
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    It's hard to lower the middle fan at all because the mounting system underneath is in the way.
  2. What is the height clearance with only the middle fan then, 160 or 165 mm? Since the D15s with only 1 fan has a 160 mm clearance, im hoping the d15 too can somehow squeeze in.
  3. If it fits , it will be tight.
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