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Hey Everyone,

I am looking to do a custom loop on my new S340 Elite. I currently have one GTX 1080 but I am looking to add another one when I have the money haha! In terms of the case I could fit a 280mm Rad in the front and a 120mm Rad at the back. If Im honest I won't be overclocking the machine much at all its more for looks. Will those 2 radiators be sufficient to cool my I7 7700K and 2 GTX 1080's? (Not really pushing the overclock far, will be very mild)

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
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    I'd recommend you expandable AIO such as EK XLC Predator 280 and Fractal Design Kelvin 28, more than enough to dissipate 100 watt i7 7700K, later you can tunedown fan's RPM if it too loud. Why EAIO?
    • Aesthetic, plenty of replacements and upgrades you can googling image with keyword " water cooled S340 Elite".
    • Expand all the way to open loop cooling CPU+GPU, you can learn tech stuff from
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