Should I upgrade or replace my CPU and Motherboard?

I have an AMD FX 8320 and a Gigabyte 78-LMT-USB3 mobo and i'm not sure what to do.
I have ordered a Gigabyte 990X mobo but I'm not sure whether to keep in or send it back as the AM3+ chip is very old now so I'm not sure if there is much point.

I could either upgrade my motherboard, keep my current one and wait for ryzen, try overclocking, or even switch to intel. I'm really not sure what the best option is to keep my PC quick and futureproof without breaking the bank.

Thanks! Matthew :)
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  1. I wouldn't stick with the AM3+. Try to send the mobo back yes and wait for Ryzen. If if won't be as good as Intel's CPUs, then you can switch to Intel yes, nothing is wrong with that.
    Well you'll have to change your motherboard in both cases. I would wait :)

    Intel combo:
    i5 7600:

    This is just a suggestion if you really need something now and can't wait to 2 months :)
  2. With FX-8350, you are betting on being able to overclock with good results.
    I think that is a bad bet.

    You will do better in most games with a i3-6100 or the kaby lake follow on i3-7100
    Here is a review:
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