gtx 1060 g1 gaming 6gb & cooler master b500 v2 500W

My PC spec:
I5 6500
HyperX Fury DDR4 2133MHz 16GB kit
hyperx savage ssd 240GB
cooler master b500 v2 500W

Can cooler master B500 v2 handle well the gtx 1060 g1 gaming?
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  1. Not the best PSU but should handle it
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    I would say take this one:[site|thauk[cat|[art|[pid|B01CR5XJR6[tid|14838992773009463[bbc|LESPRIX

    It's quite cheap now and it's fully modulair. Also 80 plus gold is not that bad for that price. It's 450w, but for a gtx1060 that's by far enough. Also Corsair is a premium PSU brand. Cooler Master is a bit... meh... It isn't that bad... They Always say min of 500w, but then you take the safest of the safest way. If you really don't feel comfortable with taht 450w I would recommend to look at this list:,review-33356.html
    Maybe am I wrong, but do you actually mean that you already have the PSU and want to buy the gtx1060, or you still have to choose a PSU?
    If You already have that PSU I think it's alrighty. The efficiency is a bit poor to me (around 82%) but if you don't have to pay those energy bills it's okay xD
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