GTX 1080 running at 30fps on GTAV ?!

Okay, here is my setup:

Asus Maximus VIII Gene
Intel Core i7 6700K (Water cooled by cooler master nepton 240M)
Asus Strix GTX 1080
32GB Corsair DDR4 2400MHZ
Samsung 850 evo 250gb
WD Black 2TB

GTA V Graphics Settings:

Ignore Suggested Limits - Off
DirextX Version - DirectX 11

Screen Type - Full Screen
Resolution - 1600x900 (My monitors resolution, looks great to me dont say anything)
Aspect Ratio - Auto
Refresh Rate - 60Hz (Monitors Refresh Rate)
Output Monitor - 1

NVIDIA TXAA - Off (Greyed Out)
VSync - On (Leave this on as when its off it looks very choppy)
Pause Game On Focus Loss - On

Population Density - 100%
Population Variety - 100%
Distance Scaling - 100%

Texture Quality - Very High
Shader Quality - Very High
Shadow Quality - Very High
Reflection Quality - Ultra
Reflection MSAA - X8
Water Quality - Very High
Particles Quality - Very High
Grass Quality - Ultra
Soft Shadows - NVIDIA PCSS
Post FX - Ultra
Motion Blur Strength - 50%
In-Game Depth Of Field Effects - On
Anisotropic Filtering - X16
Ambient Occlusion - High
Tessellation - Very High

GTA V Advanced Graphics Settings:

Long Shadows - On
High Resolution Shadows - On
High Detail Streaming While Flying - On
Extended Distance Scaling - 100%
Extended Shadows Distance - 100%
Frame Scaling Mode - Off

That took some time....

Anyway, in GTA V the fps usually sits at around 60 when walking around the city. However when the camera is facing towards the Vine wood sign towards the hills the fps drops to around 30fps. When driving around the northern part of the map the fps does not go above 40fps, and it is very choppy. Really, my £700 GPU and £300 CPU is getting 30 FPS?! Please help someone...
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    MSAA 8x kills my frame rate in GTAV so the first thing I would do is drop that to 2x or 4x. Extended distance scaling and shadow distance can causes issues so you might try reducing them if reducing MSAA doesn't help.
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