Asus Maximus VIII Ranger Error

I just made a build and its running fine and smooth but on mobo code display it is showing A0. in previous restarts i just saw once temp display but now always A0
Whats this A0 means and if it not an issue then how can i see temp on this lil screen
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    The Q-Code LED provides you with a 2-digit hexadecimal error code that reports the system's status and doesn't have anything to do with displaying a temperature.

    A0 - IDE initialization is started
  2. Q-Code LED AO - IDE Initialization has started
    I dont think you can view temp on the Q=Code LED, just system codes
  3. I was just messing around in BIOS and I saw in advance settings ther eis a tab ROG Q-LED Display and select between POST CODE ONLY or AUTO. I set to Auto and temp is there! But error showed in start before complete boot!
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