Can you Raid 0 an m.2 Samsung 960 evo and a samsung 850 evo ssd

I recently got a 250 gb samsung 960 evo and while the speed are great I wanted to try and set it up in raid 0 with the 250 gb 850 evo to increase the capacity. I have an i7-6700, 16gb ddr4 2400, gtx 1060 3gb and an Asrock Extreme4 Z170m. When I try to do it through BIOS I can see all my drives listed but the 960 evo is listed as Port PCIE 1.0 and all the others are SATA and I can not select the 960 evo as it is greyed out. Is there any adapter or way to set up the 850 evo as a pcie device?
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  1. %99 sure you can not
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    No you cant raid them, and you should not do so anways.

    RAID provides almost zero performance gain for SSDs and doubles your data loss potential.
    You can span the volume (make 2 drives have 1 letter) but then you are still merging the data. The best action is to just store files/games on hte 850 and OS/Programs on the 960
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